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Leadership + Development

Hayley is the only MBTI Certified Consultant in the Pilbara region.

Explore her in-depth one-on-one, ½ and 2-day team MBTI Courses here.

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Systems + Processes

Streamline policies, recruitment and business strategies. Or invite Hayley in to boost staff morale and smooth out team issues on a regular Business Partner or Ad Hoc basis.

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Workshops + Seminars

Join one of our many in-person and virtual workshops for personalised training and upskilling. These include our popular Leadership Enrichment and Masterclass Series

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Let’s Thrive Community

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Human Resource Solutions for every business

It’s our goal to assist leaders, groups and team members to do their job effectively, efficiently, safely and aligned with legislative requirements.

We believe that people are a business’s most important asset and having the right tools in place will drive success.

Explore our person-centred HR solutions for leaders in your Small to Medium-sized Business.

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Hayley is a highly knowledgeable professional with an outstanding commitment to her clients.

She has been a wealth of knowledge on all things HR, assisting us to develop a suite of documents that have become a great asset to our business.

Her ability to provide fast, thorough and easy to comprehend responses to any queries we have had has truly made us feel like we are working with own HR department (a dream for a small business owner)!

Focus HR Consulting provides great value for money and I would highly recommend them to any small business owner.

Jessica Miller / Via Facebook